Friday, June 9, 2017

The "Blub"

It has been a long time, since I have blogged!
Nothing much has changed. I still love to eat, I still struggle to keep my weight under control, and 
Chicago continues to evolve into a great food city.
Summer is here, and it's a tricky season. You are absolutely moving more, and eating "lighter" food.
You are also home at lot less, eating out more and drinking a lot of Rose'.
I hoped to be a few pounds lighter than I am presently, in order to make way for the festival drinking, the last minute Tuesday night cocktail and the BBQ's I will be hosting. I didn't happen.
which leads me to the title of my blog.

Sadly, no matter how many nights I spend at the gym, lean cuisines I eat for lunch,
I cannot get rid of "The Blub".
What is"The Blub" you ask?
You know, that layer that shows through your white t-shirt, or sticks out of the back top of your skinny jeans.
No matter how loose your clothes are, Blub rears it's ugly head. (unless you are wearing a Mu Mu).
It's like a family member that overstays their welcome.
No matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it never leaves.

My battle with the Blub is ongoing. some days I can hide it, and I feel good again.
It just takes one tight pair of pants to bring me back to reality.
And try hiding it in a photograph! Impossible!
Blub ruins pictures, moods, days and nights.
So how do we deal with it?
Well, we can always exercise more, eat healthier and buy the next size.
But mentally, we must accept "the Blub".
We all have it. I look at people in the gym, skinny, fat, tall and short. Yep, Blub everywhere.
I will keep fighting, and hiding and hope to look good in a picture.
But at the end of the day, nothing can stop me from enjoying the glorious summer ahead.
So, drink your Rose', eat that Brat and maybe go the gym on Monday?
Til the next time!

Note: Hiding The Blub in this picture...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Eating is my hobby..

So it's the middle of February, and some of those extra holiday pounds are still hanging around.
I have tried my best to eat healthy, stay away from alcohol and limit restaurant visits.
But, when you live in "Chiberia", there isn't much to look forward to.
A good meal, can really cheer a girl up!

This week I had an amazing dining experience. Weeks of planning and anticipation led up to a night at "Next". A famous restaurant, opened by Chef Grant Achatz.
Next" is a restaurant concept, where the menu changes every three months to fit a theme.
We signed up for " Chicago Steak" Tickets were purchased in January and there is no cancellation policy. Blizzards or sub zero temperatures could not keep us away.
We began the countdown to February 20th, the minute the credit card was charged.

The price tag for this meal is outrageous and we all questioned our decision.
We also all agreed that the alcohol pairing was a must!
Finally the big night was here and luckily it was only pouring down rain, that stood in our way.
The experience was everything we dreamed it would be. Four hours never flew by so fast.
As we floated out of the restaurant, high on booze and steak, we never looked back.

The next morning I reflected on my meal and the pricetag.
A co-worker pointed out, I could have bought a nice purse, and she is right.
But, It was then that I  decided that eating could be a hobby.
People spend money on golf, skiing, and other indulgent hobbies.
Finding the most delicious food possible, was my hobby.
And in "Chiberia", it's easy to do.

Now, back to those extra pounds..still working on it.

Til next time,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the year..

So, it's here. Starting tomorrow, let the eating and drinking begin. Parties, dinners, Pumpkin  everything, with a side of EggNog everything. In the words of Dennis DeYoung, the best and worst of times. We will struggle from now until New Years's Day to not eat and drink everything in sight.
No one is more excited than I am for all the holidays have to offer. I woke up at the crack of dawn today, excited to get to the grocery store and buy all my ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. I already have made three delicious dishes, and none of them are Weight Watcher friendly. Mind you there are two of us, and I will have enough food for six. I mean Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the same night! Foodie dream come true, there will be Latkes.
How do we take control of this situation? How do we keep from gaining ten pounds in four weeks?
Lets start by conceding to the fact, we might pick up a pound or two. But, there are plenty of days in between the celebrating to eat healthy. There are lots of days and nights without a party to go to.
I am going to try and stay strong on the days I can, and not beat myself up on the days I indulge.
It will be a fight to the finish, but I am up to the challenge.
Happy Holidays to all!
Until next time, Stay Strong!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


"I eat so much less in the Summer, because it's hot and all you want is a salad"..Bullcrap!
I tried to buy into this myth, but it's just not true.
Summertime is about BBQ's, family vacations, dining Al Fresco and lots of cold alcoholic beverages.
The fact remains, it is a lot easier to lose weight in the winter.

This week was a whirlwind of new restaurants to check out and cold wine/Champagne to be had.
Last week was about a big BBQ at my house, and a fun Summer Friday off drinking Sangria.
Summertime means trips to the Dairy Queen and staying out till Midnight on a Tuesday.
So, there will be no weight lost until after Labor Day, period.
This is summer, and I plan to enjoy it until the white shoes are gone.

Come October, I will be home and and back to Turkey Chili.
I will be okay with going home on a Tuesday night.
I will be okay not having a scoop from Margie's.

I will be okay, a little plumper, but okay.
Till next time,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Column A or Column B?

When did my love affair with Asian cuisine begin?  At birth, I suppose...I am Jewish.
The stereotype of Jews at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day, completely true.
I don't know it is the shared disbelief in Jesus as the lord, or the only place taking reservations that day.

Growing up, I spent many at Sunday evening choosing from Column A and Column B.
And I never met a sparerib I didn't like, bad Jew.

Let's start with memories of a bowl of greasy fried noodles and sickly orange sauce to douse them in.
Or what about the crunch of a delicious egg roll, doused in the same sauce,
mixed with a dollop of spicy mustard.
But, my favorite thing ever invented, the combination plate.
I got to stuff my chubby face with three different things!! Heaven.

Asian cuisine has come a long way.  Now we have so many choices, and I do not know what I love more. Is it the savory Thai dishes like Pad Thai? Or is is a spicy Tuna roll at my favorite Sushi spot?
Or how about a Bahn Mi sandwiches, sprouting up everywhere at Vietnamese joints?
So much Asian, so little time.

Recently in Hawaii, I had one of the best meals of my life.
I dined at Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant.
A six course meal, that ranged from Whitefish Carpaccio to Waygu beef.
Absolute perfection. A long way from a PuPu platter.

Tonight I dined at Chicago's newest upscale Chinese restaurant LAO18.
Hints of old school Chinese (spare ribs) mixed with the new (Ginger Chilean Sea Bass).

I love that the world of food had evolved so much, and I am living in it.
But there is a spot on Lincoln Ave here in Chicago...where a bowl of greasy noodles and a syrup holder filled with orange sweet sauce awaits you..

Til next time..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Nothing taste better than being thin".. Did Kate Moss says this??
I have been thinking about how every day, I chant this mantra in my head, but I'm still hungry.

When I try on something in a store and it's a smaller size, I agree with Kate.
I glow in the aftermath of my purchase and think I'm so glad I didn't eat that cookie.
I tell myself not having a cocktail for 2 weeks was worth it.
Those size 6 shorts, looked real good.

Then.. I drive by KFC, and get nostalgic.
I think back to a day, when  of a nice lunch consisted of an Extra crispy 2 piece and biscuit.
I smell Dunkin' Dounuts and remember my good old friend the breakfast sandwich.
I don't think thin tastes better.

I came home from work today, and was starving. The egg salad on 35 calorie bread wasn't cutting it.
I remembered I had (4) ribs stashed away in my freezer...
It was time to indulge. I busted them out. Guilt set in...
Then I remembered a day, when I ate double that with a side of Potatoes O'Gratin.
Those four ribs tasted great, and not feeling stuffed felt pretty good too.

So I guess Kate does have a point,  but once in a while..

Till next time,

Friday, March 29, 2013

Pizza. Delicious, cheesy and cheap Pizza.  For such a simple food, there is much debate.
I heard this week that Chicago was voted as the city with the best Pizza.
Then I read on, that New York was #3, behind Providence R.I.!!
My gut instinct is to tell you, this is just wrong. then I thought about it...

Pizza is one of the only foods, that is completely subjective.
What you think is the best, depends on many factors.
Where you grew up, being #1, hands down.

I have friend who grew up in small town Iowa. All he ever knew was Pizza Hut.
I have friend who grew up in Chicago, deep dish is what she was raised on.
I grew up in Brooklyn, I was raised on delicious-ness. (Is that a word?).
Our tastes can become more sophisticated, but we will still love what we grew up with.

I took my friend from Chicago home to Brooklyn one weekend.
I promised her, she would have the best piece of pizza in her life.
She did.
And though she admitted it, she still loves "Aurellios" in Tinely Park.
And I enjoy "Sarpinos" on occasion.

So who is to say any city is #1?
It's what's in your heart. Other pizzas come along, you must accept it.
But you can still always have your favorite.

And what do they always say, "Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's good."

Till next tine,